THiNK LiKE A DOG® charges shipping separately and does not hide it in an always higher list price of a product being offered with “Free Shipping.” There is no such thing as “Free Shipping.” The customer, you, is always paying for it somewhere in the transaction.

By showing you our shipping costs, you can see that it's a great shipping rate! If we walk in the door of the Post Office, UPS, or FedEx none of us are going to be getting shipping prices like this.

Moreover, in the Age Of The Algorithms ruling our lives, research on sites like The Google® shows that some weeks The Algorithms favor sites offering "Free Shipping" while other weeks they favor sites breaking out the price of shipping, so we’re not gaining anything offering free pricing and then incorporating that price into the list price.

So for THiNK LiKE A DOG’s desire for full pricing transparency, providing the item price and shipping separately feels like the right strategy.


To ensure that you can choose the perfect product type, color, and size to match your favorite designs, we print your items after you place your order. Rest assured that our team of real humans hand-prints your order.

Please note that the printing process typically takes 2 to 3 business days before we ship your items to you. Some items may be shipped separately and could require additional time due to the printing process. For instance, items like pillows and totes may take longer to print and will be shipped separately. Other items that are shipped separately include posters, mugs, stickers, and socks. Rest assured that all items are carefully packaged individually to ensure they arrive in excellent condition.