We see them. Every day. They’re everywhere. In our towns, our homes, our beds!

Watching us. Not judgmental, well sometimes at least, but they’re wondering what’s up with us humans. Why so stressed out all of the time?

We try to explain to them why. But then they look back at us with those big all-knowing eyes and say chill.

THiNK LiKE A DOG. It’s all good. All upside.

Every day there’s a new bowl of food, a scratch on the belly, a new squirrel to chase.


Live for the moment. Live for the day.

And that’s why THiNK LiKE A DOG was founded. To bring simple items into our day-to-day lives that make us smile. And remind us to think like our favorite pets. Who knows so much more about the world than we will ever know?

As for the phrase, THiNK LiKE A DOG, that was born out of a place of love and concern for a close family friend who had been diagnosed with leukemia.

During one visit, shortly after our friend's diagnosis, their dog, LeRoy, had been scoping out the room, and had finally settled down to chow down some food, slurp a little water, and then lay down, fixing his eyes on our friend.

An awkward silence ensued. Then out of the blue, we blurted out, “You know what? Maybe you should think like LeRoy. Think like a dog. Not a care in the world.

Our friend looked down at LeRoy, reached out to scratch his head, and gave what we had said a long hard thought.

After a spell, our friend nodded. “Okay. We’ll give it a shot.”

And they did. The two of them. One the dog, having no problem THiNKING LiKE A DOG, being a dog and all, and the other, the loyal human, bringing a new outlook to bear on their battle.

And after almost ten years on now, the two of them thinking each other’s thoughts, they beat the odds.

So was it THiNKiNG LiKE A DOG every day that did it?

Who can say?

But we’ll guarantee that the smile our friend got on his face every day when he was reminded to THiNK LiKE A DOG, didn’t hurt.